SACRAMENTO – City of Sacramento Parks Commissioner and Engineer Jag Bains today announced his candidacy for Natomas Unified School Board.

“As a first-generation immigrant and locally involved parent, I know one of the greatest gifts we can give our children is an outstanding education,” said Bains. “I’m running because I care about the direction of our schools and want to ensure we’re doing everything we can to secure a positive future for our students.”

Appointed to the City of Sacramento Parks Commission in 2016 by Councilmember Angelique Ashby, Bains has supported the renovation and rehabilitation of city parks to make them safer and more accessible to their neighborhoods. Bains is also known for his tough fiscal oversight, and has supported measures that save valuable taxpayer dollars.

“I’m deeply concerned about the district’s rising administrative costs and will immediately call for a review of all administrative contracts and salaries,” added Bains. “There needs to be more focus on the classroom.”

Bains is also an Engineer for Sacramento County, where his job includes inspection and management of multi-million dollar infrastructure projects. Bains serves as Vice President of the Sacramento County Association of Professional Engineers. He strongly supports expanding Career Technical Education (CTE) and a multiple instructional pathways that support student success.

“Test scores have stagnated, veteran teachers have left, and parents are excluded from important decisions. We need new ideas and Board leadership that isn’t afraid to ask the tough questions, hold the District accountable,” added Bains. “I guarantee you I will be that Board Member.”

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