Every Student is Important

I am committed to ensuring a world-class education for ALL students. My number one goal is to create learning opportunities so that all students succeed, no matter their background or abilities. When a student graduates from high school, that student should have the academic, social and emotional skills necessary for lifelong success.

Our schools must address varied student needs through differentiated instructional strategies for those who are advanced as well as those who might be struggling.  We need to provide a cohesive multiple tiers support system (MTSS) to meet the broad range of student needs, including those students with disabilities and on individualized education plans (IEPs).

To support student success, we must also ensure a clean, safe and healthy physical learning environment. As we build and renovate our schools, I’ll advocate for modern infrastructure that protects cyclists and pedestrians.

I support policies that balance classroom instruction with the need for creative development through unstructured recreational activities. I will fight to make it easier for parents to get more involved in the classroom. I believe that with the help of involved parents, motivated educators, and community partnerships we can make significant progress towards eliminating the achievement gap.


Cut Administrative Costs

Your tax dollars belong in the classroom where they will best help our students.

Natomas Unified School District (NUSD) is pouring too much money on administrators instead of focusing on resources for classroom instruction. According to the Sacramento Bee, NUSD increased general fund spending on administrator pay by 81 percent, while spending on teacher salaries rose only by 31 percent.

That’s a 50 percent gap between our investments in administrators to teachers. NUSD needs to immediately reset its spending priorities.

As your elected Board Member, I will call for a review of all administrative contracts and salaries. Excessive pay will be brought in line. No more rubber stamps.

The money we save will go back to the classroom to support our students and teachers, and will be used to restore educational programs.


Boost Transparency and Inclusivity

It’s time for NUSD to live-stream Board meetings so that the broader public may have access to board discussions.

Busy parents can’t possibly attend every Board meeting. We should be proactive and make it easier for parents to keep up with the policy decisions that impact their children’s education.

There’s no excuse not to do this: NUSD already uses cameras in the Boardroom.

The constituent customer service (CCS) program is adequate, but many community members feel the Board uses this system to avoid tackling tough issues head on with their constituents. As a Board Member, I will ask the district to update Board members at every meeting on the resolutions and complaints sent to CCS.

Board members should routinely hear about the issues facing our community directly.

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Times Tables

Promote Parental Choice

Parents know best. It’s that simple.

Parents are their children’s first teachers and you should have an array of public educational options to best meet your child’s needs.

If you feel your child will do best by attending a traditional public school, awesome! If your child will thrive by attending one of our public charter school, that’s great too.  The district should create multiple pathways for success – no matter what type of public school.

I’ll fight to ensure the rights of parents are respected, and that the district recognizes parents who wish to enroll their children in independent learning programs or choose to home school.

Times Tables

Support Educators and Reduce Class Sizes

The bond between a teacher and student is an important one and should be valued. We’re losing talented teachers to other school districts because of the lack of support for our teachers. The current negative and hostile management approach prevents partnerships and collaboration among the educators in the district.

We need to support our teachers by allowing them more release time to collaborate, and by providing them with relevant professional development so they are properly equipped to engage our students.

As a Board Member, I will work with the district to allocate more general funds towards reducing class sizes so that teachers can have better engagement with each student.

When it comes to labor negotiations, teachers should be treated as partners, not adversaries.

I will hold NUSD accountable to make full payments to its pension plans so our teachers can retire with dignity. Proper fiscal oversight will also protect our children from having to pay off massive unfunded liabilities.

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School Safety

Kids cannot learn if they do not feel safe and supported.

As your Board Member, I will advocate for strong policies and clear procedures to ensure students are supported physically and emotionally

Districts budgets will appropriately allocate funds for counseling and safety personnel.

I will also work on policies geared towards improving discipline practices by developing alternative disciplinary policies and interventions. I will be a tireless advocate for anti-bullying efforts on and offline.

We need to find, celebrate, and scale the strength of each student, and teach them how to compensate for their weaknesses. Just because a student is different, doesn’t mean they’re deficient.

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